Saturday, January 28, 2012

Extended Everlasting Party

Our daily life is now the extension of the Passover celebration; feasting on sustained innocence! The old sin conscious-system, the leaven-mindset, (always anticipating and tolerating sin) is replaced with an understanding of our unleavened innocence.......
1 Corinthians 5:8 Mirror

Goodness me, the fun of unearned innocence that was freely given to us ALL as a free gift. Leaping like a lamb, frolicking, playing in sustained innocence: we don't have to do anything to maintain the goodness. Playgrounds like leper colonies, pubs, jails, hospitals, dumps, streets or anywhere else your imagination can dream up will not make you any less/more innocent. All are Innocent already, before the foundation of the world. God saw you that far off ! (with reference to how far off the party-good-Father saw the innocent-son in the so called "prodigal son" parable{not sure about that name it is more about the goodness of the Father for me}) The goodness-happy-party-playful -Daddy saw you that far off and saw that you were GOOD. A big party has been thrown already and continues happily feasting on never ending innocence (The best wine and lamb was freely given already: Jesus).

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