Friday, February 26, 2010

Fights/ payback

Breif of an experience one of my bros (let's just call him G)had last weekend:
-His little bro got drunk and got in a fight over a girl or something. His little bro punched the other fellas teeth in ( and that is not jargon for a win)
-He found out and told his bro to say sorry. He went with his bro and saw them shake hands and sorrys.
- a little while after my bro G was out the back of the house hanging washing. He had an urge to pray for peace. He said something like: thank you God for your peace.
- meanwhile out the front a car pulled and an angry man yelled out for G's little bro. The angry man ( uncle to the boy with the broken teeth) said stuff like: meet us at this particular place and you two can fight like men.
- G's bro wanted to and he ran around the back of the house. G had heard none of this but had just thanking the Lord for peace when his bro ran around the corner telling him the news.
- G was trying to tell his bro: you two have already shaken hands and said sorry.
- G's bro insisted to go. They got there: a place with a small fenced in area. The angry man said to G's bro: you two go inside that fence and the winner is the one who walks out. I want to point out that I am told this angry man was once a youth church leader.
- G started talking straight to him: no this is wrong. Then he started preaching to the angry man. This in turn made him more angry and he took G by the collar. G kept repeating that Jesus loved the angry man. He got so angry and said I will see you in he'll I'll be at the gate and we can hold hands as we go in. Bro G said somthing like: if you choose that way you will have to go alone. G called the boys to him and was told that they were not keen: the boy with the teeth broke said the if he didn't fight again his uncle would hit him.
- G and his bros went home. G copped it a bit from his bros but he just kept repeating: that's not the way.
- He told his parents and they wanted to press charges against the angry man. G said no God will visit him tonight on his bed.
G said he wants to follow up to see if the angry man realises some of the goodness of God yet.
From The urge to pray for peace circumstances were moved.

-/~Vengence is mine says the Lord. It is impossible for the Lord to lie: so it is his and nobody elses full stop. If you think it is yours- that thought is a lie. I'm pretty sure even a pay back serial killer's heart still crys out something to the tune of I can't get no, satisfaction.

- Repay evil with good like my Daddy God.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brief updates

Sharing a meal with 2 Friends:

They told me some of their experiences over the past week (as i remember it):

-They went to be with the rejected in hospital: PNG sisters that felt neglected and separated from even the sick- (in cairns hospital).

-God made a way for their accommodation and transport.

-Got feed back from sister on healing of headache and sleeplessness.

-They left their car at the airport for two weeks. Usually after two days the battery is flat and will not start. This time after about a week and a half it started first go ( i Jarah: had it in mind before they even tried that it would start)

- Gave me a report about a family they met: who lost (dead) a couple of loved ones in the sea after being forced to swim to an Island (something to do with a boat sinking). Now they are wanting to follow Jesus as new creations.

-Told me of belief in God to give new hip to her daughter even after the doctors said surgery was required. X-rays in a week or two to confirm.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fully Finished

"Paul’s language is the new language for the New Creation. You won’t hear from Paul’s lips some of the phrases that are commonly heard from many Christian lips.
In the New Creation language you won’t find longing and wanting. You will find endless praises declaring that the waiting and wanting is over. It’s a language and song of blissful fulfillment and ecstatic satisfaction.
It is the New Song mentioned in the Psalms and in Revelation. It is the song of men made into the home of God, the song of mortals transformed and swallowed by Life.
The language of the New Creation is the inner realities of the heart spoken out loud for all to hear and be made jealous. It declares, “I have already been crucified with Christ”, it sings, “I am altogether new”. It boasts in the revelation of what Christ has accomplished.
Isn’t it heart wrenching that so many believers don’t know how to speak this language. They are stuck in the undone instead of floating in the finished.
Some of the phrases of the old language is this: “I must nail myself to the cross every day” or “I’m just a sinner saved by grace” or “Lord you saved me but now come and cleanse me” or “every day I’ve got to die to my flesh”.
Obviously the list goes on, and for the sheer fact that I hate hearing them I will say no more of these faithless jabberings." - Benjamin Dunn

"“More of the Holy Spirit” is the prayer of so many Christians. But the Holy Spirit is not “it”, like fire or oil; he is “He”, the Third Person of the Trinity. A person cannot appear in percentages, and neither does the Holy Spirit. He is always fully there, fully present – if we let Him and appropriate Him by faith. Be blessed, and Good Morning from Florida."- Reinhard BONNKE

"Yes, let us desire miracles and the endless, wondrous realms of heaven. But don't forget that heaven is at our hands. Forget not that heaven has invaded our hearts like a king conquering a foreign land needing permission from none. Forget not that Jesus is heaven and that He does not come and go. He abides with us and in us always. He, once and for all, opened heaven for all to taste and to drink their fill."-Benjamin Dunn

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