Monday, December 5, 2011

Glad tidings: Brownie-point-earning rigmarole cancelled.

I have been having a good old time catching up on some old writings from Robert Farrar Capon. Here is some quotes that stood out from the first chapter of 'The Mystery of Christ & why we don't get it' :

"If even the law of God can't be an instrument of salvation, your own home-brewed laws certainly can't be.......
In Jesus's death and resurrection, the whole test-passing, brownie-point-earning rigmarole of the human race has been cancelled for lack of interest on God's part.... Not only can he handle it, he's already handled it: he has all our messes fixed in Jesus --right now even before we make them.........

In church, when we sing' 'Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world,' we don't add, 'except for repeated adultery, multiple rape, persistent child abuse, or the systematic watering of the stock of every widow in town.' For one thing, it would ruin the music. But most of all, it would bury the Good news under a pile of scholastic logic-chopping --not to mention the fact that it would limit the reach of Christ's forgiveness to a smarmy bunch of moral overachievers."

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